I'm Brandy, a 20-something, hailing from the USA. Follow my journey as I document my life, embarking on my adventures, living each day as the world revolves around the sun.


This is my personal website. I document my life in writing or by photograph, I write what comes to mind. I let my brain speak, and my fingers do all the work.

I’m Brandy, also responding to “Bran”1, 20-something, young at heart, American, hailing from the Northeast region of the U.S.A.

I’m a technophile2, so it’s probably no surprise that I work in the industry3 and I’ve got a slight4 internet addiction.

Seeing that I work in a retail (public) atmosphere, I value my “Me time”. I consider myself an introvert since I usually stick to myself. People drain me5, and my faith in humanity is usually pretty low. Considering that I’ve been bullied and hurt throughout most of my life, I struggle with letting people in my life and have some trust issues. I also have social anxiety and low self esteem.

Might be an introvert, but I’m always finding ways to entertain myself. I enjoy photography, music, a few social-friend6 things every now and then, shopping, traveling7, and embarking on new adventures. My interests are always growing. I’m passionate about so many things, I cannot keep up with the speed of my mind. My mind is constantly moving as the world spins around the sun. I have a lot of dreams. I want to escape, live overseas, and travel the world.

I’m not in school right now, but I have dreams and plans to go back and study Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. I’ve had a passion for Weather, since I was a teen. It’s taken me forever to discover what I’ve wanted to do with my life, but I’m making my dreams come true. Maybe, sometime in the near future, I’ll on your TV, warning y’all about some serious weather shit coming down your street. Maybe even chasing some tornadoes, and risking my life. At least I’ll die doing something I’m passionate about. I’m often found sitting in my room watching “The Weather Channel”, dreaming of being behind the camera, watching “Twister”8, and watching cows fly by my window9.

I’m like the weather – always changing. Gemini’s are known for having multiple personalities. I’m down to earth, and easy going. I’m occasionally complimented for my sense of humor, always up for a good time, and laugh. I love talking, and having random conversations. I’m a great listener, and I’ve been told that people look up to me. I have a habit of caring more about others, than myself. I’m shy around new people, but I’m coming out of my shell, learning to overcome my low self esteem, and open myself up to people. I’ve had issues with depression, but I’m a fighter, and try to stay optimistic, rather than pessimistic. I still have my moments, I have times when I get moody, and distant from people, but those are some of the things we all learn to overcome.

I have endured more than most have in a lifetime, managed to emerge from a deep black hole and go far. I have worked hard my whole life to get what I want. Sure, I’ve had the low moments, but I am proud to be here, and blessed with the chance of living a life that almost everyone deserves. Life is not always going to be full of sunshine. You cannot always sugar-coat. I try to stay optimistic, even with scars across my heart. I try not to get the negatives of life get to me, and focus on the positives – the good things, the wonderful friends I have, which is just enough to make me smile, and be proud of who I am. My life is far from perfect. I have flaws, we usually take more notice of our own. My main ambitions are taking life by the balls, appreciating myself, and finding the happiness that we all deserve.

  1. It’s become a nick name []
  2. a strong enthusiasm for technology, especially new technologies such as personal computers, the Internet, mobile phones, various gadgets []
  3. mobile phone sales; regardless of my general dislike of working in the public, the fact that I sell mobile phones singles out all of it []
  4. perhaps a *slight* embellishment? []
  5. especially after working in the public []
  6. with the small amount of friends that I do have []
  7. especially road trips or going anywhere that involves getting there in a plane []
  8. Twister is my favorite movie []
  9. Which I’m totally joking about, BTW. []
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